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Feb 27, 2017

5 things you should do when you’re bored at work

5 things you should do when you’re bored at work

by Yolanda Graham

Having idle shouldn’t happen often – otherwise, you’ll end up feeling bored at work and lose the motivation to go to the office. But slow days happen even to the best of us. When those days do come around, resist the urge to go around the office, poking your busy colleagues, and telling them you’re bored and just wanted to “bother” them.

Make the most out of your slack time by doing these things instead:

1. Organise

So you’ve been working for weeks on end chasing deadlines and getting work done. As a result, your files are all slapped on your desktop screen – or dumped in a random folder – making it difficult for you to find the documents you need quickly. Additionally, your desk is a mess of papers, folders, and unwashed mugs. Spend this slack time reorganising your desk and clearing the clutter. Not only will the missing pantry forks turn up – you’ll feel refreshed and finding the documents you need will be easier in the future.

2. Think ahead

If your desk was never messy and you have a lovely tea lady who comes around to the office to wash your mugs, use this time to think about the coming days. Plan and prioritise your tasks for the next week. This includes doing the research for upcoming projects and preparing the necessary resources for your assignments. If you’re aiming for a promotion, this is a good time to read all the useful articles you bookmarked, or to look for career-boosting courses to sign up for.

3. Brainstorm new projects

Are there recurring issues in the office? Was there a grievance expressed by a colleague? Use this time to think about what can be done to solve unresolved issues in the office! This “spare time” is also an opportunity for you to think of mini projects that improve performance numbers at work. Be ready to be labelled “star employee” for your well thought out initiative.

4. Ask your manager

Instead of Facebooking all day, approach your manager for tasks. Explain that you managed to complete your to-do list faster than planned, and you were wondering if there was something you can do for them. You might be assigned to a great project that was in the pipeline, or be tasked with something mundane, but either way, your manager will know that you’re not one to be lazy.

5. Offer help

Remember that time you were sweating bullets and scrambling to meet a deadline? One of your colleagues may be in that position now. Be a darling and ask your colleagues if there’s anything you can help them with. They may need some photocopying done, or they might get you to call a vendor. If all of them say they’re ok, then offer to make them coffee – it’s a great way to become everyone’s favourite colleague!

Original source: JobStreet

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