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Apr 15, 2016

Pay hike for civil servants

PUTRAJAYA: Civil servants will soon earn a monthly salary of at least RM1,200 – above the national minimum wage – under the move to rationalise the public service scheme.

The scheme, effective July 1, will see those in the lowest grade in the civil service – Grade 11 – earning RM1,200 compared with RM837 a month now.

Combined with existing allowances, employees in this grade will enjoy a take-home pay of about RM1,500.

The national minimum wage is RM900 to RM1,000 per month in the peninsula and RM800 to RM920 for Sabah and Sarawak.

Reason to smile: Civil servants appearing cheerful after receiving the circular on the rationalisation of the civil service salary scheme in Putrajaya. — Bernama
A circular issued by Public Service Department director-general Tan Sri Mohamad Zabidi Zainal yesterday also said that Grade 17 and Grade 27 would be discontinued and employees in the two grades would be upgraded to Grades 19 and 29 respectively.

Grade 17 is given to employees with Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia certificates while Grade 27 are those with Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia certificates and diploma holders.

Those employed under Grade 17 with a current pay of RM935, will soon enjoy a higher minimum salary of RM1,350 a month after they are moved to Grade 19.

Grade 27 employees, whose lowest starting pay is RM1,362, will earn at least RM1,493 after being upgraded to Grade 29.

“The rationalisation of the public service scheme is aimed at ensuring that the civil service has a competent workforce that is able to help realise the nation’s vision and agendas.

“This is also aimed at streamlining the management of the service scheme in order to attract and retain the best talents, to create some flexibility in the management of the civil service and also provide opportunity for career advancement,” said Mohamad Zabidi in the circular.

The new remuneration scheme also sees the existing 252 public service schemes upgraded and trimmed into 240 schemes.

He said the move to rationalise the scheme would benefit not only existing employees but also those who will join the civil service in the future with a higher grade and starting pay.

The rationalisation also sees better recognition for Technical and Vocational trainees (TVET).

Under the new scheme, those with a polytechnic certificate will be on par with those with a diploma or STPM qualification.

Prior to this, those with polytechnic certificates were placed on the same level with SPM entrants.

“We want to provide greater opportunity to those with skills qualifications to join the public service by including the TVET in certain service schemes,” said Mohamad Zabidi. - The Star

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