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Oct 19, 2015

Interview: The right queries (PART 2)

How good are they with customers and clients?

Generally speaking, you should get a good idea about this by judging how they present themselves to you. Are they warm and approachable? Do they seem happy to answer the questions you ask them? Do you find yourself liking them? If so, these are all great signs that they’ll be adept at dealing with your valuable clients.

Are they proactive?

Initially, any new employee requires a certain amount of guidance. But ultimately, you want to find someone who can work off their own initiative, who is proactive and not afraid to think creatively.

Ask them to share stories about times where they’ve used an innovative approach to solve a problem at work, or an occasion they’ve been proactive in order to get the task achieved within deadline.

A Two-Way Process

Of course, interviewing is about finding out more about your candidate. However, it’s also a chance for them to find out more about you and your business, which is equally important. 

Don’t be afraid to explain to them exactly what you’re looking for. In fact, it’s advisable you do so – to ensure there’s no confusion about the role or your expectations of the job.

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