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Oct 16, 2014

Future Of Work: Impact On Business & Employment

The world of work has changed! There are major changes taking place in the way work is distributed around the world, in the way it is managed and performed. This symposium focuses on the polarization of jobs, the decline of the permanent employment contract, the rapid technology changes and the need for employers to be able to operate with flexibility that matches the workers need for more stability and work life balance, The incidence of “non-standard” employment, informal employment, the shift from 3-D employment, fragmentation of production processes that has led to outsourcing, has increased the demand for high-skilled work-force.

The Malaysian Government has proposed that employers implement the Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) to give flexibility to employees in terms of duration, place and working hours at the work place. In line with the Talent Roadmap 2020, the Prime Minister included taxation incentives for a period of three years of assessment for companies that obtained Flexible Work Arrangement status. Implementing future trends in work arrangements have demonstrated that flexible work initiatives boost productivity. In this well researched Symposium, International Speakers will share experiences and concerns on these accelerating pace of change and technology that can lead to the “end” of work.

As the impact of these changes unfold, employers and employees will have to gear themselves to take stock of their talent and skills, physical and mental health, wellness strategies and prepare for the shift from work to entrepreneurship for the end game. All these and the exposure of the Australian experiences on the destiny of their work culture can help to chart the Malaysian Business Leaders in their journey towards a developed economy in 2020

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