Apr 13, 2016

Malaysia’s HRDF to retrain laid-off workers

Malaysia’s HRDF to retrain laid-off workers

The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) will also look to replacing foreign employees with Malaysians.

Malaysia’s Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), which accumulates monthly levies from organisations, has launched a scheme to retrain retrenched staff with the unused amount of their contributions.

This figure is anticipated to hit RM300million.

According to an online article by The Star Online, there will be six key programmes under this pilot project which includes the formation of an outplacement centre for retrenched workers, training and replacing foreign employees with Malaysians, upskilling Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and re-skill programmes, the 1Malay­sia Globally Recognised Industry and Professional Certification Pro­gramme (1MalaysiaGRIP), and the cert­ification or value-added pro­grammes.

Organisations contributing to HRDF, however have opposed the scheme, citing that the unutilised funds should be handed back to them so they can choose the ideal training for their employees.

However, HRDF chief executive Datuk CM Vig­naesvaran argued that the scheme would foster job prospects for laid-off employees, unemployed graduates and other Malay­­sians to fill assorted roles the aviation, hotel and retail sectors.

Highlighting the “Train and Replace” pilot programme which commenced on March 28, he revealed that companies from the retail, aviation, oil and gas, and hospitality industries had been chosen to replace 115 foreign workers with Malay­sians.

He also stated that four courses had been permitted to offer specific skills for local employees.

Meanwhile, the 1Malaysia Outplacement Centre pilot programme, which is slated to begin in April 18, will assist 200 retrenched employees in sourcing for placement in either the same or different sectors.

Both the “Train and Replace” and 1Malaysia Outplacement Centre programmes are earmarked to commence in May this year.

HRDF cited that the Outplacement Centre is targeting to train 3,000 workers while the “Train and Replace” programme would train 7,000 wor­kers yearly.

According to Vignaesvaran, the chief goal is to decrease unemployment, lessen Malaysia’s and organisations’ reliance foreign labour for skilled jobs, and to arm Malaysian workers with specific skills required by the industries.

Since June last year, 30% of the total levy payment by HRDF-registered firms has been allocated to the 1MalaysiaGRIP fund.

Vignaesvaran stressed that companies can still use the remaining 70% to undertake training efforts that are customised to their needs.

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