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Dec 23, 2016

8 quick and easy ways to be a better employee and colleague in 2017

8 quick and easy ways to be a better employee and colleague in 2017


Most of us will probably have at least one career-related resolution on our list for 2017; you’ve assessed what we want out of your career, thought deeply about how your can do your job better, and made a career plan for achieving your goals.

Creating progress-measured goals are essential for job satisfaction and career success. But it’s equally important for us to contribute to making the workplace a happy and healthy environment to work in.

If you need some ideas on how to be a better employee, we’ve got a few:

1. Have a to-do list

Delight your manager and team by never having to say “I forgot” anymore. Having a to-do list gives you direction and will help you accomplish more. Plus, ticking off tasks as they get done can be extremely satisfying.

2. Meet – and beat – deadlines

Don’t have everyone tied up in knots wondering whether you’re going be able to deliver on time. This doesn’t mean that you should deliver rushed work either. Once you’ve agreed on a deadline, avoid procrastinating, and focus on the task.

If you foresee that you won’t be able to meet deadlines, tell your manager ASAP! Give them an opportunity to adapt to the delay.

3. Highlight problems, but have solutions

No one likes a constant complainer. Your manager will want to know the challenges that you’re facing, but that doesn’t mean just pointing out problems. Think about what could be possible solutions.

4. Act professionally

Be on time, be reliable, dress right, be respectful. No matter what your job is, it’s important to act professionally. It’s fine to be playful and joke around once in a while, but don’t affect productivity by overdoing it.

5. Be positive

Be positive about your job, your company, your workplace, and your employer. There are enough negatives in the world and there’s no reason for you to add to it by being a downer about everything. Besides, you can better overcome challenges when you have a positive mind-set!

6. Avoid gossip

Gossip can turn a workplace into a toxic environment. Keep your focus on your job and being a team player in helping your company achieve its goals.

7. Lunch together

Build healthy relationships with your colleagues by having lunch together. Find out more about them as people. Don’t forget to put away your mobile phones so you can talk to each other more.

8. Be kind and helpful

Being kind and helpful to your colleagues goes a long way to making the office a great place to work. Great workmates are a big motivation for people to come in to the office and do better in their jobs!

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