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Jan 7, 2015

Employment Laws For Non-Hr Managers

19 - 20 January 2015

MEF Phileo Damansara 2, Petaling Jaya

Effective human resource management is more vital today as businesses are venturing into the boarderless world. Never before have domestic business and industry faced the intense competition presented by foreign and multinational corporations. As the Malaysian economy is recovering, businesses have to cope with an increased demand with limited resources while maintaining the stakeholders’ interest.

Line managers i.e. operations managers, department/section heads, are in charge of accomplishing the basic goals of the organization. Basically managers get things done through the efforts of others. The production manager meshes resources and workers to produce goods in sufficient numbers and quality; the marketing manager works through sales representatives to sell the firm’s products; and the finance manager obtains capital and manages investment to ensure sufficient operating funds. 

Managers too, have the responsibilities of personnel-related activities. This makes the role of line managers even challenging. Human resource managers normally act in advisory capacity, working with other managers regarding human resource matters.

Exactly what personnel management activities are carried out by line managers? Establishing day-to-day relationship of mutual respect and trust with subordinates, applying labour laws and labour contract consistently, handling grievances, discipline etc., Therefore, the knowledge of salient labour regulations are essential for all managers so as to reduce legal exposures.

This two-day course offers in respect of the industrial relation perspective introduce to key issues in Malaysian employment law and provides practical guidance on employment issues. At the end of this programme, participants will be able to apply the relevant provisions in the labour legislations in handling employee relations.

Topics Covered

Introduction to Human Resources
Human Resources and Industrial Relations

Employer / Employee Obligations

1. Employment Act 1955

  - Scope

  - Contract of service

  - Section 14 – Misconduct

  - Section 15 – Breach of contract

  - Rest Days, Hours of work, Annual Leave, Holidays

2. Industrial Relations Act 1967

  - Dispute settlement

  - Grievance procedure

  - Dismissal

3. Disciplinary Procedure

  - Discipline

  - Natural Justice

  - Grievance Handling

4. Forms of Termination

  - Termination simplicitor

  - Constructive dismissal

  - Breach of contract

  - Retrenchment

  - Frustration of contract

  - Retirement etc

Who Should Attend

All managers, operations managers, line managers, section/departmental heads and all those who are managing subordinates.


M. Vivekanandan is a Special Function Adviser with Malaysian Employers Federation.He has extensive experience representing employers in Industrial and Labour Court for the past 15 years. Prior to his attachment to the Malaysian Employers Federation, he had served the Department of Labour, the Department of Industrial Relations (H.Q)holding various positions. He was involved in the administration and enforcement of labour laws for 25 years. 

Course Fee

• RM750 (member)

• RM850 (non-member)

For registration form: CLICK HERE

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