May 9, 2017

5 questions about becoming a freelancer – Answered!

Becoming a full-time freelancer has its benefits. You get to be your own boss, work your own hours, and focus on the things that YOU want to do.

It takes a bit of hard work to become a successful freelancer – you’ll need to do some research on the demand for your skills, and create a solid plan to maintain a sustainable business. But going freelance opens up a world of possibilities and gives you the freedom and flexibility that an office job wouldn't. 

So to help you get started, here are some answers to common questions about becoming a freelancer.

What do I do first?

Before you quit your full-time job, you’ll need to test the waters. Try taking on some freelance jobs to see if you enjoy it. From getting a client, to negotiating prices, to completing a job – trying out freelancing gives you a chance to practice, and allows you to build a client base.

OK, so what’s the next step after that?

Plan. Consider your goal, then plan the steps to achieve that goal. Define your service offering, determine your pricing, calculate how many jobs you’ll need to complete to reach your goal income, and decide how you’ll advertise your business to get clients. Don’t forget to set aside some savings to see you through the first few months while you get your bearings as a freelancer.

Where do I get clients?

This is where your networking skills will be valuable. Spread the news to family, friends, and the people you’ve worked with. A blog or a website will give potential clients a place to refer to your services, and social media will be a useful platform for you to spread the word. You could also try out the numerous freelance sites.

Does freelancing mean that I’ll have time for endless holidays? 

While there are no fixed working hours in freelancing, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be working fewer hours. When people say freelancers need discipline, it usually means they need to be sure they take time off from work. You may find yourself working extra hours to meet deadlines.

What are the common challenges in freelancing?

Freelancing can be a lonely profession, as you’ll no longer have colleagues to chat to or go to lunch with. Other common challenges include long hours, late payments, difficult clients, and even clients who don’t pay.

Source : Jobstreet

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