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May 24, 2017

Top 5 tips to an effective job interview techniques for hirers (Infographic)

Most candidates don’t realise that recruiters experience the same amount of stress as they do when it comes to an interview session. In fact, at times, the pressure is higher for recruiters as they can’t afford to have any bad hires. These bad hires are time-wasting and can be costly to a business in a number of ways such as drainage of salary and benefits, time invested in training and loss of time in finding the right candidate.

Therefore, successful recruiters understand that apart from the right recruitment and selection processes, conducting an effective job interview is a critical step needed in ensuring continued organisational success.

Check out this infographic below to identify the top 5 tips to an effective job interview techniques:

In conclusion, the success of any interview session depends very much on both parties involved. Remember that candidates are also assessing you and your organisation as you are deciding whether to hire them. A rejected candidate has the potential to negatively influence some of their peers, reducing the number of applicants on your end. For this reason, it is important to ensure that every interview session is conducted properly and professionally for them to retain a positive impression of your whole organisation, regardless of whether they get the job or not.

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