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Dec 13, 2018

Margma defends members on foreign workers’ rights issue

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (Margma) has come to the defence of its members in light of recent media reports on the issue of foreign workers’ rights in Malaysia.

Margma in a statement yesterday also provided explanation on the issues raised in the media, among others, worker’s passports, agent fees, overtime work and minimum wage.

The association said recognising that the majority of foreign workers were first-time passport owners, its member companies provided proper and safe storage for the foreign workers within the factory premises to safe-keep their passports and other valuable belongings.

“They are provided free access to these items whenever they want to,” it said.

Margma said its members are also not involved in the setting of, or in any dealings on agent’s fees in the foreign workers home country to come and work in Malaysia.

“We have been made aware of cases where some foreign workers were charged excessive agent’s fees to come and work in Malaysia, and we are monitoring this matter seriously all the time.”

Margma said its member companies would not hesitate to terminate the services of any recruitment agencies if they are found to be involved in unfair labour recruitment practices, including imposing huge fees on any foreign worker.

The association said the agents and the recruitment processes were determined by both the Malaysian and respective foreign governments where the foreign workers originate.

“The present government, in consultation with trade and industry associations and stakeholders, is looking to put in place a better foreign workers recruitment system. We applaud the government’s actions,” it said.

Margma’s members also adhere to the Malaysian labour laws regarding overtime work and are not allowed to make any foreign workers under their employment to work excessive hours despite many requests from those working in Malaysia for overtime work to increase their income.

“Our member companies are required to provide adequate rest time as well as at least one rest day per working week,” it said, adding the foreign workers also enjoy public holidays and benefit from the minimum wage policy implemented by Malaysia.

“Other than the minimum wage policy, it is pertinent to know that the Malaysian law treats all foreign workers as equal to local workers,” it said.

Margma also emphasised that all major multinationals and big corporations that buy gloves from its members carried out comprehensive Social Responsibility Audits on all companies which they conduct business with on a periodical basis.

“Without our member companies passing these Social Responsibility Audit, the major multinationals and big corporations will not buy medical gloves from us,” it added. — Bernama

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