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Apr 11, 2017

Malaysians say 'NO' to increasing retirement age to 65

Malaysians are not in favour of increasing the retirement age from the existing 60 to 65.

A recent poll conducted by The Star Online found that 66% of the 3,780 participants voted "no" to increasing the retirement age. 

It was also found that the majority of poll participants (1,556) chose 55 as the “ideal retirement age”, and a mere 7% voted for 70. 

It was found that the general sentiment of those who voted against increasing the retirement age was to give the younger generation an opportunity to take over the workforce. 

Participant Rohana Ahmad, 53, wrote: “After the age of 55, we need to spend time for ourselves. We should allow the younger generation to take over with ideas which are more innovative and creative."  
Another participant, Bakia, 48, said: “We notice that (work) performance decreases with increasing age. Some get paid for doing less work. Just give the younger generation a chance instead.” 

Yutt, 25, said: “It is to provide even more new jobs for the young ones. It is also to stop burdening senior citizens to comply with the latest technology." 

Others cited medical reasons for voting against the increase of retirement age. 

“It is a liability to have workforce that will be going more to the hospital rather than to work,” wrote a participant. 

Lee, 28, is against raising the retirement age to 65, saying senior citizens should be at the age of enjoying life and not going to work as it would affect their health. 

On Sunday, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim clarified that the Government was not planning to increase the mandatory retirement age from 60 to 65. 

Rohani refuted media reports saying that the Government was planning to raise the retirement age. 

"Extensive research needs to be carried out because the mandatory retirement age was only just increased to 60 in July 2013," she said. 

It was reported that although the Government had received suggestions to raise the retirement age to 65, it had to study the viability of the move. 

Rohani also said the Government is making efforts to cater to the needs of senior citizens who still want to work after the age of 60. 

According to her, the group prefers jobs that have flexible hours.

Source : The Star

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