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Nov 25, 2016

5 useful things you can do to perk up your daily commute!

Do you spend hours commuting to work and back each day? You could put that time to good use, with a bit of advance planning (and some tips on productivity hacks from us). Not only will you be doing something productive, you’ll also be starting your day on the right note. And we don’t mean purely work stuff either. It’s a great time to also learn new things to aid your personal growth.

Thanks to technology, we’re now able to do so much more on the move. Time to put that privilege to good use! Here are 5 useful and fun things you can do to perk up your daily commute.


Start the Day with the Right Tunes

Have you noticed how different songs evoke a different emotion in you? If you’re expecting a busy or stressful day ahead, have some soothing tracks in your car or on your phone to set the right tone for the day. If you’re feeling tired, play some upbeat tunes to boost your spirits and get your groove on.

The right kind of music can also help boost your self-confidence and improve your mood, as documented in numerous studies. So pick the right tunes and have a good selection on stand-by.

Plan Your To-do List for the Day

Getting organised is always a great way to start the day. Compose your to-do list during your commute to the office. The free Evernote app allows you to create audio notes easily, which is a bonus if you drive to work. If you’re taking public transport, even better. Create a checklist so you can check off each task as the day progresses.

Listen to Interesting Podcast

We’re always finding tons of useful podcasts during the day when we’re browsing the web. Save them to listen to during your long commute to work.

If you need ideas, here’s a list of 15 podcasts to broaden your horizons. From motivation to exploring life’s big questions, to TED Radio Hour that inspires us to think and create in new ways, we’re sure you’ll find something insightful to listen to during your commute to work.

Catch Up on Your Reading with Audio or eBooks

Haven’t had time to read lately? Most books these days come in audio and electronic formats. Why not make the most of your commute by listening to an audiobook (or reading an ebook, if you’re not driving)? There are tons of incredible titles out there waiting for you. Here are the 20 best audiobooks of all time curated by The Telegraph.

Learn a New Language

Maybe you’re planning a trip abroad soon? Whether it’s for leisure or work, it’s always helpful to know a few local phrases to break the ice. Get a head start by learning the local language. Duolingo is an excellent free app for learning languages, though it’s only relevant for those of you who commute via public transport.

If you drive to work, Pimsleur offers audio lessons that can be played on any mobile device, as well as CDs if that’s your preference. They claim that 30 minutes a day is all it takes to become proficient in a new language. Why not give it a whirl?

There’s so much interesting stuff you can do during those hours of commuting to keep you engaged and alert.

Image Source : SteemIt
Source : Jobstreet

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