May 17, 2017

3 signs you're in the wrong career

3 signs you're in the wrong career

by Yolanda Graham

Not many people are lucky to love their job.

In a 2015 Gallup poll, only about 31% of workers in the United States reported that they enjoyed what they do. It is estimated that the numbers are even lower worldwide.

People love their jobs particularly when they feel they are good at what they're doing, feel valued by their employer, and believe that they're doing something meaningful.

Unhappy employees will crave change - they either look for a new company to work for, or do something more drastic like choose a completely new career path.

If you're unhappy with your job, it's important to know whether you're not happy with your company, or whether you're in the wrong career. Only then will you be able to plan your next steps.

Here are three signs that you should be planning a career change.

SIGN 1: You don’t care about what you do

The number one ingredient to being happy with your job is passion for what you're doing. Passion gives you the motivation to do well, to do better, and to face career challenges head on.

Here are some of the signs that you lack passion in your job:
  • You’re doing just enough for your employers not to fire you.
  • Your colleagues are talking about all the exciting things happening in the department, and you feel nothing.
  • You're only there so you can pay your bills
If you were in the job that’s made for you, you would be proud of your job and motivated to go to work. You’d be doing the same role if you moved to a different company. You’d be great at your job and you’d be full of ideas on how to do better. IF you're in the wrong career, you wouldn't care about what you do.

SIGN 2: You have no idea what you’re doing

It’s normal to feel like you’re not sure if you’re doing it right once in a while – it’s a part of the learning process. But it’s not a good sign if you depend on instructions all the time because you’re not sure how to do your job.

Are you just going through the motions because you don’t know how your job contributes to company goals?

When you’re in the right career, you’ll be using your skills and strengths to get things done. You’ll able to think of new ways, or at least be curious about – ways to improve operations.

SIGN 3: You can think of a few other jobs you’d rather be doing

If someone asked you, “What would you rather be doing?” What would your answer be?

According to research, we spend about 30 percent of our lives working. Life’s too short to be spending 30 percent of it feeling miserable and unfulfilled.

Find a job that you know you'll enjoy. Science says that being happy at work greatly improves the quality of life: your health will improve, your relationships with friends and family will be better, and you'll feel a great sense of purpose.

You don't have to make one big drastic change straight away. Take small steps, and give yourself the life you deserve.

Original source: JobStreet

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