Mar 23, 2017

10 things you can do to instantly brighten a colleague’s day

10 things you can do to instantly brighten a colleague’s day

by Yolanda Graham

You don’t have to wait until your colleagues are stressed out to do something nice. Here are ten things you can do to brighten a colleague's day and add to workplace cheer.

1. “Good morning/afternoon/evening, Simon!” It’s nice to be greeted with a cheerful salutation, but even nicer when your name is mentioned. Try it on your colleagues and watch their reaction!

2. Surprise them with their favourite drink. It can be fancy coffee, freshly squeezed juice, or healthy herbal tea!

3. Share food. Whether it’s a homemade cake or vadai from a roadside stall on the way to work, everyone loves a colleague who brings them food.

4. Ask them about their day. “How’s your day going?” is a good conversation opener whomever you’re speaking to. Be genuinely interested and listen to their answers!

5. Leave them a nice (anonymous) note on their table. If you’re not really one to strike up a conversation, you could always leave a nice notes on someone’s table. Say thank you, express appreciation, pay a compliment. Watch them grin as they read it and wonder who’s being so lovely.

6. Pay a genuine compliment. Bonus points if it’s a compliment about something they’ve been working on. A simple “You did a really good job on that project” can make a lasting impact.

7. Bring a present from your travels. Gone on a holiday? Bring some trinkets as gifts or local snacks for your colleagues to try. What a thoughtful colleague you are!

8. Invite a colleague to lunch. Be it a shy newbie or someone you rarely work with, create rapport by inviting them to join you and your lunch buddies for a meal. Bonus happiness if you buy them lunch!

9. Offer help. If you see someone struggling through their day, offer a helping hand. Even if you don’t have the skills to help them in their task, making them a coffee is good help too.

10. Thank your boss! Bosses are held to a higher standard and are expected to do well. But remember work is a challenge for everyone. Find something to thank your boss for and make their day.

Original source: JobStreet

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