Jul 14, 2016

Malaysian youth suicidal about their jobs

Malaysian youth suicidal about their jobs

A shocking 26.6% of young workers in Malaysia are miserable about their jobs to the point of feeling suicidal, according to a recent online study by online job platform SkootJobs.

Of the 15,000 youth aged 18 to 35 who were surveyed, about 33% of them also said they hated their jobs.

“I feel things are improving, but this survey shows that there is still a long way to go,” said SkootJobs CEO Asim Qureshi.

About 25% of employees reported that they were “okay” with their current employment, and only 6.1% said they “liked” their jobs while 8.7% “loved” it.

On the survey findings, psychologist David Fernandez said that in the long run, unhappy workers would affect their employers because their productivity levels are lower than people who love their jobs.

“If employers pay more attention to the statistics at hand, it will be a great help in tackling the worryingly high levels of suicide in Malaysia,” Fernandez said.

Qureshi said that his company has observed that employers are working much harder now to sell themselves to employees compared to a few years ago.

“We can see that in the quality of ads they post as they’re realising that if they want to build the best teams, they need to attract the best talents, and that hard work presumably extends to retaining the talents, too,” Qureshi added.

To combat the problem of unhappy staff, Fernandez said the easiest way is to make them feel welcome at work and to encourage them constantly.

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