Mar 3, 2016


11 March 2016 

MEF Phileo Damansara 2, Petaling Jaya 


On completion of the course, participants will be able to communicate effectively, efficiently and courteously over the telephone which is today’s most common means of modern communication. This powerful tool if used correctly can enhance your corporate image and maintain good customer and inter-department relations 

Course Outlines 

1. Understanding the importance of the telephone 

2. Communication awareness 

3. Listening skills 

4. Creating good corporate image through telephone etiquette and courtesy 

5. Making and handling calls correctly 

6. Handling complaints 

7. Customer service through the telephone 

8. Establishing a personal directory 


1. Lectures 

2. Exercises 

3. Discussions 

4. Video Presentations 

5. Role Plays 

Who Should Attend 

This course is designed to benefit telephone operators, receptionists, customer relations staff, secretaries and all those who wish to master the effective use of the telephone. 

Course Fees 

RM424.00 (Members) per participant 

RM5483.00 (Non Members) per participant 

*** inclusive GST 

For registration form: CLICK HERE

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