May 22, 2017

Fussy Graduates Are Making It Difficult For Themselves To Find A Job

Fussy Graduates Are Making It Difficult For Themselves To Find A Job

A survey conducted by employment agency in the first quarter of 2017 found that employers in Malaysia are still facing numerous problems in hiring new graduates.

Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching said that as much as 75% of employers say recent graduates can only be described as of moderate quality and employers face big obstacles in finding a suitable candidate for a particular position.

"The findings of the same study was supported by the National Bank found that 77% of companies do not feel that graduates have the skills needed.

"The main challenges faced by employers are when new graduates request for wages and benefits that are not reasonable, being less proficient in English, poor communication skills and no desired employable characteristics," she said at the press conference after officiating the Forum Graduate and Industrial Transformation 2017 organized by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in collaboration with in the participating universities.

The forum brought together 100 employers and was also attended by 300 participants from 25 institutions of higher education, Harian Metro reports.

According to Mary, they also faced particular problems regarding the capability of graduates to enter the workforce.

"Efforts made by the government to produce a knowledgeable workforce, the ability to compete globally and efficiently.

"Through this kind of forum or transformation, we are confident to develop graduates who have a balanced character and knowledge to preparation for employment and economic conditions and competition in this century.

"To take the job, the individual has to be prepared in terms of confidence, communication, general knowledge and much more so that employers are sure to receive them as someone who will bring to the organization's success," she said.

It is true that we should not get complacent in an unhappy job.If we are not in the career we want, we are the only one who can change that.

But as fresh graduate or those with little experience, we ought to not be too demanding and go for something for the experience.

Like Drake once sang, started from the bottom now we are here. So stop arguing and be patient. You will get to ‘here’ eventually.

Original source: Malaysian Digest

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