Dec 30, 2016

EPF savings: Best investment for medical needs during old age

EPF savings: Best investment for medical needs during old age

GEORGE TOWN: Living life with good health is the best investment for retirement, especially during old age.

 Therefore, for continuous good health, there should be proper planning since young, especially in terms of finance, to ensure one is capable of paying for the necessary medical expenses during old age.

A mechanic, Shahrul Azlan Aziz, 38, said everybody should have enough savings after they retire as at that age they would be exposed to various health risks, either minor or dangerous diseases that would require life-long treatment.

"By then, the money we save from our subscription to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) will come handy to pay for our medical treatment when the need arises.

"Like me, when I reach the age of 55, I will use the money in EPF to spend and save for my medical needs, as at that time, I will have no other income as I will not be working anymore," he told Bernama recently.

Shahrul Azlan said medical treatment at hospitals is costly and he needed to save for that. He said other aspects that he needed to focus on after getting the EPF money were his daily expenses and paying his debts.

Another EPF contributor, Nurul Izzati Mamat, 23, shared Shahrul Azlan's views on the need for the EPF savings to be used for medical expenses.

"At the age of 55, people would have settled their debts or loans, like house or car loans, especially if the loans are obtained when they are still young.

"So, it is better to use the EPF savings to cover for medical expenses during old age," said the administrative assistant.

Nurul Izzati said she would opt for private hospital or medical centre to go for treatment after her retirement for faster and effective treatment.

Hence, the need to have money as the cost would be higher, she added. "Everybody has their own choice and views on where to go to for their medical treatment.

"I, for sure, will go to private medical centre for more privacy, and if admitted, it will be more comfortable and not congested like in government hospitals," she said.

Nurul Izzati said she would also use her EPF saving on her children and to expand her existing house. "It will be easier and with money earned from my own sweat, than applying for bank loan," she added. — Bernama

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