Oct 31, 2014

Rules for female workers not new

KOTA BARU: Two business operators said municipal council rules that female employees must be decently dressed, wear long sleeves and be in a hijab were nothing new in Kelantan.

One of them, who runs several coffeeshops and asked to be identified only as Wong, said the council sends out many newsletters calling on business owners to observe these rules.

“These rules have been enforced for as long as I can remember and I have been doing business here for the past 15 years,” he said.

Wong, 44, said the only inconvenience was surprise checks by enforcement officers.

“Having these officers on our premises makes it look like we have committed some serious offence,” he said.

Hamidah Sidek, 44, who owns a hair salon, said council officers have made surprise checks on her, but she has nothing to worry about.

She said she complies with all the conditions set for her business premises and licence.

But her friend, who also operates a hair salon, got into trouble with the council last year.

“One of his employees did not wear a tudung and was fined RM300 last year.

“That’s a hefty sum for the employee but she paid the fine. If she didn’t, her boss would have had his business licence revoked,” Hamidah said.

Meanwhile, the state Local Government, Housing, Health and Environment Committee slammed Sisters in Islam, a non-governmental organisation, for criticising the council’s action against Muslims who did not wear the tudung.

Committee chairman Datuk Abdul Fattah Mahmood said the by-laws have been in existence since 1990 and should not be disputed, especially by Muslims.

“All Muslims must be aware of their responsibilities and dress code, where they must cover their aurat as stipulated in the Quran.

“The Kelantan PAS-led government has been given the mandate by the voters to carry out these rulings in tandem with an Islamic government.

“Therefore, Sisters In Islam has no right to criticise Kelantan for enforcing the by-laws,” he said.
Source : The Star

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